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Designs with great functionality

DM Visuals is determined to produce websites with high regards for operation and functionality. Our customers are our greatest form of advertisement. That's because they believe in us and are determined to continue in a relationship with us way past the launch of their website. That's because they believe in us and want others to know they too can trust DM Visuals.

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How It Works

Our ultimate goal for our clients is to be found on the internet through key word search. Simply put, when someone searches for your business on the internet based on the name of your business or the skill set of your business, your business should appear in the top three of the search results. We ensure this happens and that you are convinced it will happen every time.


Pricing & Plans

It might be close to rocket science or brain surgery but SEO isn’t as mysterious as many make out… so here it is – Search Engine Optimization demystified and deconstructed…

We offer standard, dynamic, and ecommerce designs according to what your needs are. It can be done directly from our website.


Design Features

Optimal search results are obtained through skilled efforts and logistics. Google analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI (Return on investments) as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. None of this can happen if folks can't find you on the internet. We work extremely hard to accomplish these results at different levels.

User Accounts

Unique Login

When creating user accounts we are careful to make sure you the customer have constant access to your clients data so that even if the internet is down, your information is secure and accessible via other agreed upon means.


Individual user accounts present unique qualities that offers each client a peace of mind that comes from knowing their private information is used in a unique way.

There are times when clients or customers need a personal profile that is unique to them. Creating a personal account can give them a sense of privacy and individuality. We can design user accounts which require a unique set of credentials and data to access your personal account.

Each set of login information is unique and can not be duplicated within our secure database. This presents the best kind of uniqueness. Why is uniqueness important? It is important because in the grand scheme things uniqueness allows us to investigate in case of an error.  It allows us to focus on an individual problem by isolating it. And it's important because your profile builds your presence on the internet in a unique manner.

Creating a unique Username and Password is fun and important. Click on the link below and allow them to create a unique Username and password for you.

Create a Unique Username

Marketing & Ads

Market = Making a product that is useful to the public. Trading this product with others for a monetary value which they are happy to do. Do this in a way that keeps them coming back for more of the same. Having both parties fully satisfied with the constant transaction.

Graphic Designs

Is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms

01 Works

02 Price List

03 Download

Our advertising portfolio is powerful. We wanted to give you access to our most recent folio of graphics  we have designed for clients near and far. Many of the graphics shown in this pdf will be exact replicas of the original documents.


We have created a dynamic price list which reflects the price we charge the public to create the most valuable product on the market. This list ranges from a letter size flyer, all the way up to a custom website.  Prices are accurate and reflect our most current list.

You can download any of the documents within our website and use the dimension listed on that document to help up design the absolute best graphic for you. Our customer service agent is familiar with every size and can help you arrive at the best size.

You may pay more money for graphic designs, websites, apps or computer programming but you will not get better service or product. For this reason, we guarantee our work.

About Us

DM Visuals has a simple approach to Web Design. We listen intently to your goals, your passion and your vision for your business. We pride ourselves on turning these intimate details into a tangible and functional representation of what we heard from you. This simplistic approach has distinguished us and brought us due recognition as a leading web design company in South Texas. Something we look forward to achieving with you.